(All Vegetarian)

Appetizer Deluxe

Eggplant, Hummus and Yogurt Dip, Stuffed Grape Leaves, Feta Cheese and bread

Feta Cheese Plate

Feta cheese, cucumbers, tomatoes and walnuts served with tandoori bread

Veggie Soup (Ash-e-Reshteh)

Famous Persian soup with spinach, herbs, beans, noodles, mint, onions and garlic topped with cream of whey and sauteed mint

Shirazi Salad

Chopped cucumber, tomato, onion, mint with lemon juice and olive oil dressing

Garden Salad

Lettuce, tomato, onion and cucumber with your choice of dressing

Greek Salad

Lettuce, tomato, onion, cucumber, feta cheese, olives, and pepperoncini.

Stuffed Grape Leaves (Dolmeh)

Grape leaves picked off the grape vine stuffed with rice and a variety of herbs

Hummus Dip

Garbanzo beans (Chickpeas) lightly blended with Tahini Sauce, olive oil, lemon juice and fresh garlic served with homemade Tandoori Bread

Eggplant Dip (Kashk-e-Bademjan)

Baked eggplant blended with cream of whey, mint, onion, and garlic, served with bread

Yogurt Dip (Mast-o-khiyar)

Homemade yogurt with cucumber, onion, garlic and dry mint

Mooseer Dip (Mast-o-mooseer)

Homemade creamy and thick yogurt mixture with Persian shallots

Pickled Veggie’s (Torshi)

Homemade variety of pickled vegetables, patiently aged in vinegar and spices


Traditional Persian Dishes

*All dishes served with Basmati rice (white or lentil), char-grilled Tomatoes, half of a Tandoori Bread and a
small cup of Yogurt Dip. Rice may be substituted for salad OR 1/2 rice 1/2 salad.
**Please ask if you like your kabobs SPICY or well done, meats will be cooked to a medium

1. Koobideh Kabob

single $10.99.... double $13.99
Choice of Flame-grilled Ground Beef OR ground spicy Chicken Koobideh

2. Chicken Breast Kabob

single $10.99.....double $14.99
Boneless chicken breast marinated in yogurt, lemon juice and special house seasonings, flame-grilled


3. Bone in Chicken Kabob (Joojeh)


Bone in half chicken, cut into pieces marinated in our house seasonings, flame-grilled

4. Steak Tenderloin Kabob (Bargg)

Skewered Beef tenderloin marinated in special house seasonings, flame-grilled

5. Lamb Kabob (Barreh)

Lean pieces of Lamb marinated in lemon juice and house seasonings, 

6. Lamb Chops (Shishlik)

Lamb chops marinated in special house seasonings, 

7. Lamb Shank

Tender lamb shank slowly simmered in tomato based au jus, and a blend of spices

8. Koobideh & Chicken (Vaziri

Combination of Koobideh kabob and boneless chicken breast kabob, flame-grilled

9. Koobideh & Beef Kabob (Soltani)

Combination Koobideh kabob AND beef OR lamb kabob, flame-grilled 

10. Chicken & Beef or Lamb

Combination of boneless chicken breast and steak tenderloin OR lamb, flame-grilled

11. Flame Sampler Combo

Combination of 3 skewers of kabob: 1 Boneless Chicken Breast Kabob, 1 Koobideh Kabob (ground beef OR ground spicy chicken) and 1 skewer of steak tenderloin OR lamb kabob

12a. Family Stew Feast Combo


2 appetizers (Eggplant/Hummus)

3 choices of stew (Ghaymeh/Okra/Gormeh Sabzi)

3 lamb shanks

4 orders of white or lentil rice

3 whole tandoori bread

2 desserts (Baklava/Napoleon)

12 oz.yogurt cucumber sauce

12b. Family Kabob Feast Combo

2 appetizers (Eggplant/Hummus)

5 skewers of Koobideh (chicken/beef)
2 skewers of (beef tenderloin/lamb kabob)

2 skewers boneless chicken breast kabob

4 orders of white or lentil rice

2 desserts (Baklava/Napoleon)

3 whole tandoori bread

12 oz.  yogurt cucumber sauce

*Dishes may be cooked to order. consuming raw or undercooked meat may increase your risk of foodborne illness


All sandwiches are wrapped in our clay oven Tandoori Bread with lettuce, tomato, onion,
cucumber, yogurt sauce. Spicy sauce by request.Add Feta cheese for $1.50

17. Koobideh Kabob Sandwich

single $9.99...double $12.99
Choice of ground beef or ground spicy chicken

18. Chicken Breast Kabob Sandwich

single $9.99...double $11.99

19. Lamb or Beef Tenderloin Kabob Sandwich


20. Veggie Sandwich

Choice of veggie burger, eggplant dip or hummus as base

21. Ground Beef Cutlet Sandwich (Kotlet)

Pan fried ground beef patties: potato, egg, onion and Persian spices


Specialty Persian Stews

All stews are served with white basmati rice, ½ tandoori bread, and a small cup of Yogurt Dip.

13. Khoresht-e-Gheymeh (Split Pea Stew)

Sautéed beef, yellow split peas & sundried lime, simmered together in tomato base sauce & topped with potato sticks

14. Khoresht-e-Gheymeh Bademjaan (Eggplant Stew)

Sautéed beef, yellow split peas & sundried lime, simmered together in tomato base sauce & topped with fried eggplant. Vegetarian. 

15. Khoresht-e-Bamyeh (Okra Stew)

Okra simmered in vegan tomato sauce, garlic and Persian spices

16. Khoresht-e-Gormeh Sabzi (The Most Popular Persian Stew)

Sautéed parsley, scallions, spinach, cilantro and other herbs cooked with cubed beef, kidney beans and dried lemon

Specialty Rices/Vegetarian

22. Albaloo Polo

Basmati rice with sweetened sour cherries. It is particularly good with chicken.

23. Morasa Polo

Basmati rice topped with sweetened orange peel, carrots, dried red barberries (Zereshk) and made crunchy with pistachios and almonds

24. Baghali Polo

Basmati rice with dill and fava beans

25. Zereshk Polo

Basmati rice studded with tart, dried red barberries

26. Veggie Kabob


2 skewers of grilled vegetables. Served with choice of white or lentil rice.

Kids Menu

Koobideh Kabob OR Chicken Breast Kabob

Choice of one kabob and one side (White or Lentil Rice, Seasoned Fries, OR Bread)

Side Items

Grilled Mixed Vegetables

Single Skewer.....$3.99
(tomato, onion, green pepper, zucchini and squash)

Grilled Tomato or Onion

Per Skewer.........$1.99

Koobideh Kabob (Ground Beef OR Ground Spicy Chicken)


Chicken Breast Kabob


Jojeh-Kabob (Bone in)


Steak Tenderloin Kabob (Bargg)

Single Skewer.....$10.99

Lamb Kabob (Barreh)

Single Skewer......$9.99

Grilled Lamb Chop (Shishlik)


Ground Beef patties (Kutlet)

3 pieces...........$4.99

Seasoned Fries


Extra Basmati Rice (White or Lentil)


Extra Tandoori Bread


Extra 2oz. Yogurt Dip or 1 oz. Our Famous Hot Sauce




Our signature homemade dessert, freshly whipped cream and custard layered in puff pastry dough


Traditional dessert, filo dough filled with walnut, pistachio, and cinnamon

Chocolate Mousse Cake

Homemade rich, silky dark chocolate mousse

Persian Ice Cream

Persian saffron ice cream, fragrant with rose water, cardamom and topped with pistachio

Persian Faloodeh

Faloodeh, a typical Persian dessert, made with very thin starch noodles and sweet
crushed ice flavored with rose water


Doogh (Housemade Yogurt Drink)

16 oz. glass $2.49 .....pitcher $8.49

Gallon Doogh (Take-Out Only)

Soda, Iced Tea, Lemonade & Exotic Drinks

$1.99- $2.99


You can now buy your favorite foods and enjoy them at home with friends and family. Ask for more choices.

Ice Cream



Ghormeh Sabzi Stew


Ghaymeh Stew


Fesenjoon Stew


Fried Eggplant






Koobideh Kabob(Beef)


Koobideh Kabob(Chicken)